Notification of Wager

between Lew Wolfgang and Greg Freemyer

Entered this date: February 25, 2017

Freemyer predicts that on or before July 30 2027 autonomous drones will be routinely available for hire by the general public, providing air transport between a least one airport and at least ten destinations local to that one airport. Wolfgang differs, and agrees to enter into a wager with Freemyer that drones will not be in common commercial usage within that timeframe. To qualify for the question, the subject drones must be powered electrically, provided by an on-board battery system, and must carry at least one regularly statured human being, weighing no more than ninety kilograms, plus at least one item of luggage weighing no more than nine kilograms. An autonomous drone for the purposes of this wager is an airborne conveyance that is not under control of the occupant. It may be controlled by self-contained logic processors or remotely by either logic processors and/or human pilots.

Qualifying drone shuttle service must exist at one or more airports anywhere in the world, in any country, and must be fully certificated, licensed, and approved for regular commercial use at all locations serviced by the drones, and must be in continuous daily operation and available to the public for a period of at least thirty calendar days at any one qualifying location.

Wolfgang agrees that if these conditions are met, and are in continuous operation for thirty calendar days on or before the target date, that he will personally travel at his expense to Atlanta, Georgia, and purchase a steak dinner at Ruth's Chris (or a mutually agreeable substitute) for Freemyer and the Misses. Freemyer agrees that if drone service does not exist by the target date he will personally travel at his expense to San Diego and buy a steak dinner at Ruth's Chris (or a mutually agreeable substitute) for Wolfgang and the Misses. Dinner venues and locations may be changed on mutual agreement, but shall be limited to locations within the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii, but excluding territories.

Wager is to be consummated as soon as possible after the wager is satisfied, but in consideration of the advanced age of some of the participants it is agreed to consummate the wager within one year of closing. Wager is not binding on either parties' heirs, successors, or assigns.