What follows is the complete General Code Of Operating Rules which are used by many railroads in the USA. (See listing on the cover.)

This project was conceived by Paul Veltman who did the scans and word processing. The HTML work was done by Dan Dawdy. Dan has tried to follow the format of the original book as best as he could within the confines of HTML. There is one small table, but other than that, all browsers should format this document without problems.

The images, as scanned, were 256 grey and well over 2.5 meg. A conversion to 4 bit to save download time. If your computer is low on memory or you are using a slower connection, you may want to turn off your browsers graphics. The graphics are readable on larger monitors and have been printed on an HP 600 dpi laser with no problems. They are a little "fuzzy" but it is an acceptable trade off for reducing the file size.

This document is here for reference only. This is not meant to be an official copy for use. San Diego Railroad Museum, Daniel S. Dawdy and Paul Veltman are not responsible for any errors which may have occurred.

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General Code Of Operating Rules

This document last updated 7/26/96