What Love Sees

Based on a true story

Richard ThomasAnnabeth Gish
Edward HerrmannKathleen Noone
August Schellenberg

The San Diego Railroad Museum helped with the production of the scene where the Holly family leaves their home in Bristol, Connecticut by train. Coincidentally, the Holly family settled in Ramona, California, which is only about 40-miles from the Museum's Campo facility.
You can see it right away, by the wealth and comfort of her surroundings at Hickory Hill, the imposing family residence, that Jean Treadway (Annabeth Gish), a beautiful young woman in her early twenties, has been brought up in a world of privilege. You can tell by the authoritarian tone of her self-made millionaire father (Edward Herrmann) that everything in his household runs like clockwork. You can also sense by the forceful and self-assured way Jean plays the piano that this is a young woman to be reckoned with. And when she instinctively reaches for her faithful dog, "Chiang" you immediately know that Jean is blind.

Gordon Holly (Richard Thomas) is the pride of this small town - handsome, athletic, honest to a fault and filled with determination and resolve born of his simple ranching background. Ever since a high school football accident, Gordon Holly has been completely blind.

Based on a true story, spanning fifteen years during the turmoil surrounding the Second World War, this is the incredible and inspiring saga of two fine young people who find each other. Together they fulfill each other's dreams, share each other's heartaches and find the courage to face life's sometimes insurmountable challenges. Against all odds, they build a future which includes love, responsibility and above all independence. Jean and Gordon Holly successfully operate a ranch filled with livestock and create a thriving enterprise, but their true joy and greatest satisfaction comes from the four sighted children they bring into the world.

Join the Holly family for this awe-inspiring saga of courage, love and determination - a story that will make you weep with joy and cry out when this family's triumphs become yours.

Executive Producer, David A. Rosemont
Based on the book by Susan Vreeland
Teleplay by Robert L. Freedman
Directed by Michael Switzer

Rosemont Productions, International, Ltd.

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