Railroad Sounds

Here we present a collection of sounds, most heard at our museum.
Unless otherwise noted they are 8-bit WAV format.

Boarding call #1 Conductor Wolfgang makes the first boarding announcement. (964 KB)
Boarding call #2 Conductor Wolfgang makes the final boarding announcement. (624 KB)
SP #2353 Steam engine #2353 crosses La Posta Rd. from a stop. (1302 KB)
CW #46 Steam engine #46 is a 2-6-6-2 which ran on the "Skunk" line in N. Calif. (494 KB)
Shay #3 Steam engine Shay #3 is a geared, 3-cylinder lumber-hauler. The "putt, putt" is a speeder.(1374 KB)
Diesel idle 567B Diesel engine of #1809 idles. (596 KB)
Diesel horn Horn of Diesel engine #1809 blows for the crossing. (353 KB)
Wig-Wag The last operational wig-wag in San Diego County, on the Escondido branch in Oceanside. (130 KB)
. .
Runaway Train! Here is the complete 21 minute sound file of an actual runaway freight on the Canadian National's Nepisiguit Sub as recorded by Newcastle Sub Dispatcher. Wesley MacDonald is trapped on the runaway with over 30 cars, two engines and no air, traveling at speeds over 70 MPH. As we understand it this tape is now used as a training aid by the CN, but this is not staged. You will hear the events just as they unfolded back on March 9th, 1987. (1276 KB RealAudio)
Thanks to Cyberspace World Railroad for this file and text!

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